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Rules & FAQ - and oh, they're all so ephemeral!

『 a diamond being polished 』 posting in and oh, they're all so ephemeral!
User: ephemericon (posted by paperpulp)
Date: 2006-12-01 00:32
Subject: Rules & FAQ
Security: Public
There's only one rule for using the icons and that is always comment & credit. It also goes without saying that you don't claim these icons as your own. My icons are mostly simple but believe me when I say that making them takes time, so please respect that. You need to join the community to see the icons!

Go to Manage → Userpics

Type in the credit in the comment box as shown in the picture below.

The credit doesn't have to be exactly like the highlighted part, but a link to either carameldusk or ephemericon must be there.

Do you take requests?
In fact, yes I do. Comment here or anywhere in this community. It would make my life easier if you give me a good quality picture too.

May I add text/symbol/sparkly/etc. on your icons?
As long as you still credit me for the icons, yes. However, if you're adding a lot of things to it, it wouldn't be fair to still credit me after your hard work. Get back to me on it if you want.

Are you looking for iconers to partner with?
YES! It would be awesome to work together with another icon maker. Don't hesitate to contact me through here or AIM at quotidiance about it!

Feel free to drop any questions here~
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